They may have an antisocial (sociopathic, psychopathic) or narcissistic personality disorder, and they may have anger or impulse control issues and substance abuse issues on top of that!

Instructor-led field trips for youth groups of 10 or more are $14.99.

Save 40% off admission to Zoo Atlanta, plus 4 more top Atlanta attractions: Georgia Aquarium Anytime Pass, World of Coca-Cola, CNN Studio Tours, Fernbank Museum of Natural History or College Football Hall of Fame. On Veterans Day, November 11, 2017, veteran, active-duty, retired and reserve members of the U. Armed Forces enjoy FREE admission and $4 off general admission for up to six accompanying guests.

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Regular admission rates will apply to family members and other guests.

Think of any dictator that springs to mind and you will have the personification of this type of individual (Saddam Hussain seems to fit well and comes to mind easily).

The character of Tony Soprano from HBO's television series, "The Sopranos" is also a good example of this type.Sheriff Greg Champagne is extending an invitation to all women in St.Charles Parish to participate in a self-defense class.The course consists of two hours of training for women only.The course covers general sexual assault definitions, self-defense laws, risk reduction strategies, as well as various self-defense techniques.As they become adults, they simply turn this relationship dynamic around and start acting out the "abuser" side of the relationship dynamic they have learned.