Judaism presents seven mitzvot for non-Jews to observe.

It appears there are two options for you right now.

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The other alternative is to pursue conversion to Judaism.

This is not simple, given that you will want to make sure it is "kosher" from a Jewish legal perspective.

It’s as if I am receiving precious regards from Above. It’s a message to all those who are dating or know someone contemplating marriage.

The woman explained that she was ‘an older single.’ After running to too many single events, endless dating online, and meeting countless shadchanim/ matchmakers, she was ready to give up the search. A family member suggested that she attend a monthly lecture that my mother gave.

“Sheyfelah (sweet dear), I am known to tell it like it is.

If you need to improve your makeup I will tell you to go for a makeover.

It’s about being brave and strong enough to take on a new direction.” I asked her permission to share and she, herself, felt that it was crucial.

Perhaps somebody else could transform their lives the way she did. ‘Ayekah’ is the question we are obligated to ask ourselves when we feel as if we stand alone and nothing is going our way.

Perhaps meeting in person would help bring about a successful connection.