Simply put: A fetish is a particular stimulus (feet, gas masks, certain items of clothing), while a kink is just something you’re into (bondage, spanking, etc.). Sadism is sexual arousal that arises from inflicting pain on others. This acronym stands for bondage, domination/discipline, submission/sadism and, masochism, and is sometimes used as an umbrella term for kink.

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If this is something you want to try, go slowly and use lots of lube.

You can’t use too much lube in fisting — lube should be everywhere by the time you’re done.

In this case, a snap of the fingers or a slap on the thigh means “stop right now.” Leather is the most popular fetishized material, with rubber as a close second.

Many guys get excited by the look and feel of leather clothing, boots, harnesses, and other gear.

Leather is so commonly fetishized and has been closely linked to BDSM for so many years that many people now see the “leather community” — guys all over the world who enjoy wearing leather and attend leather events and competitions — as synonymous with kink and BDSM.

Bondage is probably the most basic and widely known feature of BDSM. Bondage involves making a submissive helpless and immobilized.

Debate occurs because the term is also used to mean the actual playtime between a Dom and sub.

By this second definition, a scene begins when a sub and Dom start to play.

With practice, skilled fisters (guys who give fists) and fistees (guys who take them) can go all the way to the elbow and even the shoulder — or get double-fisted.

Novices generally start with toys and dildos and work their way up. When done incorrectly, fisting can cause severe injury.

This can be done with rope, handcuffs, leather cuffs, chains, stocks, and mummification (see #25). This includes ball-stretching (stretching the scrotal sac so that it hangs lower by using weights and other devices to pull on it) and ball-bashing, which is exactly what it sounds like: hitting the balls with small paddles and similiar blunt objects.