There is a high demand for foreign experts in Moscow, but it is limited to specific sectors.

Human Resources, IT, business development, and finance are most preferred.

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Russian Labour Code states that there are three main types of employment contracts: For more information about work permits and visas for Russia, take a look at our comprehensive guide about how to get a work permit in Moscow.

All foreign nationals wanting to work in Russia (Moscow or St. Federal Migration Service issues work permits which you need to acquire before applying for a work visa.

And by 2020, it is estimated that migrants will make up 2/5th of its workforce. Petersburg is smaller and less varied than Moscow and whilst prices for merchandise and services are almost identical, the average pay is about 2-3 times better in Moscow.

The average income here for the resident is about $750 per month.

Moscow’s economy is driven by service sector and employs a majority of people.

There is a lot of work for bi-lingual expatriates in hotels, restaurants and other tourism associated jobs.

The permit lasts for the duration of the job, although work visas should be updated every 12 months.

Candidates with specialist skills looking to work in Moscow and St.

Moscow is the country’s acknowledged financial and economic centre.

Its labour force makes approximately a quarter of Russia's total GDP.

This guide will give you tips on how to find jobs in Moscow and St.