Tabs Is a dancer and her favorite clothes to wear were those spandex shorts and a tee shirt that had the arms cut out and tied above her waist in a knot.

Inside her shirt, sometimes she wore a sports bra while other times she didn't .

I don't smoke but I do drink every once in a while and I love eating seafood.

I had already booked a cruise before prices skyrocketed but kept it from the entire family.

We all noticed it at the same time but from my vantage point up close, I got the best view.

Tabs arm quickly covered her breast and turned away to repack herself while I burned the image in my mind for later use.

In the kitchen the girls were attempting to get Candy's new mixer to work and for some reason they thought I would know how it worked.

Les and Tabs both told me what they had done as I was trying to make heads or tails of this beast.

Tabs got hit with most of the liquid and I came in second with Les running away just in time to only get a small amount on her leg.

Tabs jumped and tried to deflect the flying fluids with her hands only to cause it to splash more and cover more of her body. When Tabs stopped moving, her right breast had popped out of her shirt and was covered with liquid.

After moving a handle and pushing a part or two, then flipping a switch, it sprang to life.

It was at that moment I realized that no one had reminded me the content in the mixing bowl was mostly liquid.

A cruise was going to happen for the three of us and maybe Leslie's friend Tabitha, Tabs as we called her.