The bells are also used as a warning to FOH and bar staff that the interval is about to commence or that the show is about to end. Doesn't necessarily describe the audience layout, which can be easily reconfigured.1) Complete absence of stage lighting.

Adult theatre hook up video-86

'The stage is split into 6 acting areas, 3 downstage and 3 upstage').(Also the name of an early Strand down-lighting floodlight - known as 'Ack Ack').

Person (male or female) whose role is to play a character other than his/her own.

Blacks flown vertically at the edge of the stage are known as LEGS. The process of arranging moves to be made by the actors during the play, recorded by stage management in the prompt script.

Positions at the start of scenes are noted, as are all movements around the stage (using terms such as ' Gardener X DSL' meaning the Gardener crosses to downstage left.) It must be described in minute detail, but simple enough to enable anyone to read and understand it.

I had a magical night , loved the stage & the preformances especially the genie , and most important i want to thank the nice lady at the theater gift shop , she made my night more magical by giving me a gift shirt when she knew that it was my last night in London ,shes the sweetest Excellent show!

Great sets, wonderful special effects, funny genie, great actors overall although Jasmine did not emote as well as the others...

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(USA) A contractual term for a long all-day actor (or crew) call.

A typical contract will have at least one of these days, when the actors may be kept at work for 10 hours out of a maximum of 12. 9am to 9pm) there will be either two 1 hour breaks or one two hour break for food, and a total of 10 hours of work.

Whilst the work day is long, the intensity allows a great deal of progress to be made.

2) Describes the method used instead of stage crew for moving bits of set around shows with a big budget. Session with opera performers in a new venue (or on a new set) to check the balance of voices and orchestra is correct, and that the performers can hear the orchestra enough. Language, especially in theatre, is rarely universal! Bar Bells are rung in public areas of the theatre to warn the audience that the performance is about to start/continue. Part of the communication ('cans') system in a theatre, the Beltpack contains the controls and circuitry to drive the HEADSET worn by crew members.