Also just like to hang out with friends and family on occasion as well.

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I have been to several doctors and they haven't been able to find anything wrong. It's an embarrassing problem that I keep secret as much as I can.

Comments: Struggled with this problem off and on for years. This issue in all likelihood kept me from intimate relationships and ultimately marriage.

I've been wearing diapers for a few years now occasional wet my bed.

I spend so much time thinking about wetting, I'll just look for another gay male bedwetter.

I'm willing to talk to anyone and am interested in helping others.

If I have one piece of advice, its dont let you day or nightwetting control your life, Its a lesson that I am still learning to. Protection Used: I have OAB and wear daily refastenable underwear or pullup-type protection. Also wear belted undergarments for "lighter days" or shorter trips from home. Comments: Friends with anyone with overactive bladder, bedwetting, etc. My name is Alexandria, but I usually answer to Ellie.

Comments: I have no involuntary control of my bladder, never have my entire life, so I leak when I am asleep, tired, or not paying attention.

It bothered me when I was younger, but not anymore. I enjoy doing things outside, camping, boats, swimming, and others.

Protection Used: I am kept in thick cloth diapers with plastic pants and am diapered every night after supper and changed just before bed.