I wouldn't ban her from seeing this man or run him down, that will just make her more determined to see him. They have been together for 20 years,married for 14 and have 2 children together. Anywhere in the UK she is old enough to have sex with any other consenting person over the age of 16 that she wants to...

He is 15 years older than her, but they are very happy so it can work. At 16 a person would only be a child if they'd been brought up in such a way that they are still a child...

If the law is not able to intervene, and if your son persists in seeing this woman, I would recommend you get to know her.

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He also told me that he is sixteen and is over the age of consent. Is there anything that I can legally do to stop the sexual relationship or should I just keep a close eye on them both? I understand your concern about your son’s relationship with an adult woman.

While he is technically over the age of consent in your state, there is also a gap provision of three years in your state per the Age of Consent website.

Conversations that look at what he’s getting out of this relationship, what this woman may be getting out of it, what he sees as the future for this relationship and similar conversations can be helpful.

Help him think through this relationship and again, reserve judgment and rather express your concern and commitment to his health and happiness.

However, today she left her phone out unlocked with messages on display of a conversation on whatsapp she was having.

I realised from reading the messages on her phone that this was between her and one of the chefs in the pub where she works.

Hi all, This is my first post and I need some advice on how to handle this situation.

Over this summer, before my daughter starts sixth form college she has been working as a waitress at a pub, and is the youngest person working there - most others seem to be over the age of 20 from what she has told me, however I had no concerns as she is very mature and also looks far older than her age - at least 18/19.

I hope you can take something useful from my rambling and if you have any specific questions please pm or ask here.