But how could being the best version of yourself be stupid? It’s easy to make a “decision” to live an EPIC life. Just look at how many people fail their New Years resolutions. Do you know the difference between those who succeed and those who don’t? And over time all of this growth compounds into the life you’ve always dreamed of. Maybe you even think “personal development is stupid.” I know I did.

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A place rich in tradition with great sceneries, natural beauty and relaxing spots that make it one of the most popular and fascinating tourist destinations in Italy.

the territory also includes the little town of Trepalle which, at an altitude of 2250 metres above sea level, is the highest permanently inhabited settlement in Europe.

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Livigno, the spectacular town near the city of Sondrio, is situated in the northern part of Lombardy in the heart of the italian Alps, 1500 metres above sea level.

Today it offers wonderful landscapes, a wide variety of well-maintened resorts and ski centers recognized not only for their state-of-the-art equipments, but also for their high quality services that guarantee dream holidays.

Thanks to its altitude, rarely Livigno suffers from a lack of snow, however, in case of scarce snowfall, snow on ski slopes is always guaranteed by an artificial and a perfect snow system; the trails, here surrounded by a breathtaking mountain scenery, offer a range of skiing difficulty levels really suitable for beginners as well as advanced skiers, training institutions moreover provide adequate support in skiing techniques.

So although I was feeling down, I refocused my purpose on overcoming this challenge in my life and having the best year ever. Statistics show only 9% of people succeed in their New Years Resolutions, or in other words, 91% of those who commit to a goal for the year fail! As sad as I was in the moment, I was still happy, and still proud of who I am.